Greetings from Interim President Dawn Sperr

Why You Should Join Us (or Be Glad You Did)!

There are many benefits to being a member in the I-94 West Chamber of Commerce where growing your business is our business. This chamber works for you and is the region’s top business concierge service.

The I-94 West Chamber supports its members in a variety of ways, from introducing you to an expert in a particular field and offering your company various business resources to just plain advice. We continually educate ourselves on the latest business practices, legislative issues, community happenings,  global markets, and  have connections to local, state, and federal governments.

The chamber has more than 400 members worth millions of dollars in knowledge and expertise. Our members include small business and large corporations, direct sales reps and global companies dedicated to economic growth and the prosperity of the 10 communities the chamber serves.

Welcome to the I-94 West Chamber of Commerce. I guarantee you will be glad you’re here!

Thank you,
Dawn Sperr — Interim President, I-94 West Chamber of Commerce

Interim president Dawn Sperr